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Why should I change the vacuum belt every 3 months?  The life of your carpet depends on it.  The brush roll spins by proper tension from the belt.  After a few minutes of use the belt loosens and doesn’t spin properly, leaving lots of dirt and dust behind. Your belt may “look fine”, but any belt older than 3 months is probably not fine.  Bring it in to us, we will check the belt for free...more info...

How often should I service a vacuum? Every 1.5 or 2 years.  We service vacuums every day.  Bring it in for free estimate ... more info...

Why won’t the brush thingy spin?    The belt turns the brush, so the belt may be old. (see belt info above).  The belt may be broken due to a snagged shoe string; drapery; area rug; other foreign object.  If the brush roll bearings are not spinning freely, that will wear out a belt too quickly.  Bring in the vacuum and we can check the brush roll assembly for free.

My cord sparked and popped!!    This actually happens much more frequently than you would think.  Many times a small nick in the cord from a spot that is frequently bent or rubbed  will cause the insulation around the copper wires to wear off  and then make contact with metal and actually spark.  There are usually 2 strands of 18 individual copper wires in a cord (36 in total).  If one of the 36 skinny little copper wires breaks inside the cord, the electricity will continue to flow around that broken little wire.  Then the wire next to it starts to get hot, then burn out another wire and so on until it actually burns out in that section of the cord.  If you run over your cord with the vacuum and cause damage to the insulation or even cut through to the bare wire, you should bring in the vacuum and have the cord replaced.  We stock cords and it is normally a one day turn around or less for a cord replacement.

Why did my vacuum just quit working?    Vacuum cleaners have electric motors in them that require proper airflow to pass over them to keep them cool.  Many vacuum cleaners have a thermal (heat) sensitive shut off mechanism built in.  This mechanism should prevent the burn out of the motor.  If you run a vacuum too long with a clogged hose or clogged filters (especially bagless vacuums) or clogged bags, that is essentially choking the vacuum for air and not allowing it to breath properly.  This will cause it to overheat and shut down.  Most of the big box store purchased vacuums have very thin wires in the motor windings and can only do this a few times before the motor completely fails.  If your vacuum has been shutting down, then cooling off and restarting after about 30 to 45 minutes, then shutting down after only a few minutes of use, your machine is probably clogged up or the filters are compacted.  We will look at your vacuum and give you a free estimate to remove clogs or see if your filters need to be replaced.  Do not keep trying to use the vacuum, you could cost yourself a motor.  Bring it in for that free estimate, most compactions can be removed while you wait or within a one day turn around.

How long will it take to fix my vacuum? The best way to find out is to bring your machine in for a free estimate.  We will look at the machine with you when you bring it in and let you know how long it should take to get the vacuum running normally.  Unfortunately, we can not know what is wrong with the machine until we see it.  Most repairs are accomplished within 48 hours and ready for pick up.

Why does my vacuum smell like burning rubber? The belt has probably become stretched out and has lost traction on the brush roll.  The slipping of the belt on the motor pulley or brush roll will cause it to stink quickly.  Your whole house will probably smell like burning rubber if you continue to run the vacuum.  The brush roll may also just be jammed or compacted on the bearings causing the brush to seize while the motor shaft continues to spin.  Again burning rubber smell throughout your home.  Bring the vacuum in, we stock most belts for almost every brand.  A belt change is quick and can usually be done the same day you bring it in.  You won’t believe how well the vacuum will clean with a fresh new belt on it.

Why does my vacuum spit the dirt out the front?  The vacuum is most likely clogged or has a full bag or compacted filters.  We remove compactions from the hoses and wands at our store.  Bring it in and we will give you a free estimate while you wait.  Most compactions can be removed while you wait or within a one day turn around.